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These posts are about e-commerce. I have been working with e-commerce since 2013 and share some of my knowledge here.

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    The best customer service is indispensable in your web shop! | E-commerce

    Read the Danish version here: Den bedste kundeservice er uundværlig i din webshop!

    Customer service

    It has been important for X2Nails to have the best customer service, almost from the start. In the beginning we made a lot of mistakes regarding customer service, but gradually we have improved it a lot. In the last time, when a customer has been in contact with X2Nails costumer service, the customer always praises us.

    Know your customers needs
    I do a lot of online shopping, which I have done in many years. It has given me a good understanding for what good customer service is.
    When I shop online, there have been times where I have though “How can I implement this at X2Nails?” other times I have thought “I am nevercoming back here again.”
    Very often you have to “be” the customer. Ask questions as “How would I react if the company said that to me?”, “How would I want this problem solved?”, “Would I like it if someone said that to me?” and so on.

    If you are not good at thinking like the customer, you should know someone who is.

    The best customer service at X2Nails

    Make it as easy for the customer to reach customer service. Place contact information, contact box, chats and the like, where the customer looks. I really hate the web shops where you have to click a number of times just to find their mail. If it is not on the site I am on, I always get so annoyed that I leave the website. The contact information should at least be in the bottom frame and as a link in the header.

    Q&A site
    A question and answer site is as gold. Many customers have the same questions and they almost always looks for a Q&A site, before they choose to contact the company. It should always be easy to find and remember to update it regularly. 

    Be fast
    If a customer contacts you, you have to get to work immediately. The customer is first priority! You probably think that your time is worth more, but if you want the customer to make a purchase in your web shop, you must help her immediately. Your customer is busy so you have to be ready, otherwise she can easily find other alternatives.  

    I have a really good example from X2Nails. I woke up a little late in the weekend because I was feeling a little sick. I was eating breakfast when I got a mail from a customer. The evening before, she had ordered some products including a nail polish, which she wanted to exchange for another nail polish. In approximately 25 minutes I had done all the work and answered her back. She was so happy that she wrote a fantastic review and began to follow X2Nails on Instagram and Facebook. You can read the review here.

    Send guides
    If there are products that the customers have many questions about, then make easy guides for them. Put them on the product sites and send them with the customer’s order.

    When the glow in the dark nail polish and crackle nail polish was completely new, there were numerous customers who asked about how the products worked. First I made product guides and put them on the product sites but there were still a lot of customer who just could not figure out how to use them. So I improved the guides and began to send them with the orders. The customers are really happy about that.

    Write a message
    The customers love to get a short personal message from the web shop with her order. It might save a bad day and she will feel appreciated.

    Write blog posts, make videos, know your product
    For example if your products durability depends on how the customer uses the products, it would be a good idea to write a guided to-do list. As an example you can see my blog post about how you get nail polish to last longer or how to care for your nails, there is also a video tutorial for the last one. To make these it is incredibly important that you know your product. Your business image depends on it.

    Customer convenience
    How does the customer prefer to contact your company and what is possible? If your company is small it might be hard to be on a lot of platforms. X2Nails uses telephone, text, mail and chat support.
    If one customer have it easier by contacting you on facebook or Instagram, then do it.  

    Is it easy for your customer to return her purchased products? Although X2Nails rarely gets any returns, there are a lot of customers who checks out their return rights before they place an order. Make it as easy as possible. It is especially important if it is a gift. There has to be a minimum of two links on each site and it should be completely clear how many days the customer has to make a return. The return site is easy to understand and the return form is clear and easy to understand.

    In stock / sold out
    Is the product in stock? The customer hates, when she needs the product and have to wait for the web shop to get the product back in stock. It is one of those things that makes the customer very annoyed. She will most likely cancel the order and she will defiantly never come back.
    Is it a product that is very popular and you have not been fast enough to order a new batch, it is a good idea to let the product be active and write “Out of stock, available again in 14 days.”
    It is incredibly important that your stock system is up-to-date with your inventory. If it says on the product site that the product is in stock, your customer expects to receive it within a few days.

    Flexible shipping
    Make sure that the shipping price is as clear as possible. This includes price, shipping time and shipping method. At X2Nails we have eight different shipping methods. The customer can choose whatever method she thinks is best for her. The customers are very different and they want as much customizing as possible.

    No hidden charges
    Alright, so your customer is on the payment site and is filling out her information, where she sees that she has to pay extra credit card charges. It is small a charge, typically between 0.5 DKK and 10 DKK. Do you know what most of you customers chooses to do? They leave the site and finds another web shop.
    Many customers also experience that they are putting products in their baskets, but there are no shipping costs showing. The thing is that your customer automatically will think that the shipping is free. She will get to the payment site and there she will see that she has to pay 50 DKK extra for shipping. Guess what she does.

    Delivery time
    Make sure that the delivery time is as clear as possible. That way your customer will know when she will receive her order. If your web shop has flexible shipping, it is extra important that your customer exactly knows what her choice means for the delivery time.

    If you have a small web shop and you choose to ”close” it for a week for vacation, it is very important that you write it clearly on all sites, that the web shop is closed and all orders will be sent on date xx of xx. It is also a very good idea to be reachable, even if you are on vacation.

    Admit mistakes
    Have your web shop made a mistake then it is a great idea to admit the mistake and apologize as soon as possible. Right after the apology, you should give the customer two or three reasonable proposals. Always remember that is was your web shops fault. The customer will out of pity typically choose the best solution for both parties.

    Constant improvement
    The improvement of customer service must be constant. It can always be better, especially in a time when everything is getting more advanced so fast. The time changes and your customers change.

    It does not matter if the company is big or small the customer service needs to be at its best.

    I hope you can use if not all then some of it to improve your customer service. 🙂

    You can contact me on LinkedIn.

    PS. To the web shops I have shopped in before and I have not come back, I really hope that you will read this.

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    Den bedste kundeservice er uundværlig i din webshop! | E-commerce

    Read the English version here: The best customer service is indispensable in your web shop!


    Næsten helt fra starten af, har det været vigtigt for X2Nails at have den bedste kundeservice. I starten har vi begået en del fejl med hensyn til kundeservicen, men efterhånden er den blevet meget bedre. Det sidste stykke tid, når en kunde har været i kontakt med X2Nails kundeservice, modtager vi altid ros fra kunden.

    Kend kundens behov

    Jeg handler selv meget på internettet, hvilket jeg har gjort i mange år og det har givet mig en god forståelse af hvad god kundeservice er.
    Der er nogle gange, når jeg har handlet, hvor jeg har tænkt, “Hvordan kan jeg implementere det hos X2Nails?” andre gange har jeg følt som om jeg lige er blevet frarøvet mine penge og spildt min tid, hvor jeg så har tænkt “Her skal jeg ihvertfald aldrig handle igen.”
    Det handler meget om at “spille” kunden, altså stil spørgsmål som “Hvordan vil jeg selv reagere, hvis virksomheden sagde sådan til mig?”, “Hvordan ville jeg helst have dette problem blev løst?”, “Vil jeg selv bryde mig om det?” osv.

    Den bedste kundeservice hos X2Nails

    Hvis du ikke selv er god til at tænke som kunden, bør du kende en, som du altid lige kan hive i ørerne og spørge til råds.


    Gør det så nemt for kunden at fange dig som muligt. Placer kontakt informationer, kontakt boks, chats og lignende, steder hvor kunden kigger. Jeg hader de webshops, hvor man skal klikke flere gange bare for at finde deres mail. Jeg bliver vildt irriteret og smutter fra siden, hvis ikke det står på den side, hvor jeg er på. Et minimus krav er informationerne i bundrammen, samt et link i headeren.

    Spørgsmål og svar

    En spørgsmål og svarside er guld hver. Mange af kunderne har de samme spørgsmål og de leder typisk efter sådan en, før de vælger at kontakte virksomheden. Den skal også være så nem så muligt at finde. Husk at opdatere den løbende.

    Hver hurtig

    Kontakter kunden dig, skal du i sving med det samme. Kunden er første prioritet! Du tror nok at din tid er mere værd, men skal kunden købe noget i din webshop, skal hun have hjælp med det samme. Din kunde har travlt, så du skal bare være klar, ellers kan hun let finde andre alternativer.
    Jeg har et rigtig godt eksempel fra X2Nails. Jeg havde ikke haft det så godt, så jeg kom lidt sent ud af sengen og sad og spiste morgenmad, da jeg fik en mail fra en kunde. Hun havde aftenen inden bestilt nogle produkter heriblandt en neglelak, som hun gerne ville bytte til en anden. Der gik ca. 25 minutter også havde jeg ordnet det hele og svaret hende tilbage. Hun blev så glad, at hun skrev en fantastisk anmeldelse, samt begyndte at følge X2Nails på Instagram og Facebook. Du kan læse anmeldelsen ved at klikke her.

    Send vejledninger

    Er der produkter kunderne har mange spørgsmål til, så lav vejledninger til dem. Sæt dem op på produktsiderne og send dem med kundens ordre. 
    Da selvlysende neglelak og crackle neglelak var helt nyt, kom der utroligt mange henvendelser om hvordan de to produkter virker. Først lavede jeg vejledninger og satte dem på produktsiderne, men der var stadig kunder der ikke kunne finde ud af at bruge nogle produkterne. Så jeg forbedrede vejledningerne og begyndte at sende dem med kundens ordre. Det er kunderne virkelig glade for. 

    Skriv en hilsen
    Kunden elsker at få en kort personlig hilsen fra webshoppen, når hun modtager sin ordre. Det kan redde en måske dårlig dag og hun føler sig værdsat.

    Skriv indlæg, lav videoer, kend dit produkt
    Er dit produkts holdbarhed for eksempel afhængig af hvordan kunden bruger produktet, er det en rigtig god ide at lave dybdegående to-do lister, se for eksempel mit indlæg om hvordan neglelak holder længere eller hvordan man plejer sine negle, hvor der også er lavet en video til. For at kunne lave disse, er det utroligt vigtigt at du kender dit produkt. Din virksomheds image afhænger af det.

    Bekvemmelighed for kunden
    Hvordan foretrækker kunden at kontakte din virksomhed og hvad kan lade sig gøre? Er din virksomhed lille, kan det være svært at anvende en hel masse platforme. X2Nails har telefon, SMS, mail og chat support. Har kunden det lettere ved, at være i kontakt med virksomheden over Facebook eller Instagram, så gør det. 


    Er det nemt for kunden at returnere sine varer? Selvom X2Nails sjældent får varer retur, er der rigtig mange der tjekker deres retur rettigheder, inden de placere deres ordre. Gør den så enkel og præcis som muligt. Er det en gave, er det især vigtigt. Flere links på siderne og information som for eksempel “30 dages fuld returret”. Retursiden er let at forstå og returblanketten er overskuelig og skal bare udfyldes.

    På lager/udsolgt

    Er varen på lager? Kunden hader, når hun skal bruge varen og skal vente på at forretningen får det på lager igen. Det er en af de ting, der gør kunden meget irriteret, hvor hun kan vælge at annullere ordren og hun kommer stensikkert aldrig igen. Er det en varer, der er meget eftertragtet og du ikke har været hurtigt nok til at bestille et nyt parti hjem, er det en god idé at lade produktet være aktivt og eventuelt skrive “Udsolgt, på lager igen om 14 dage.”
    Det er utroligt vigtigt, at dit lagersystem fungere og er up-to-date med din lagerbeholdning. Er varerne på lager, forventer din kunde at modtage sin ordre indenfor et par dage.

    Fleksibel fragt

    Gør fragten så tydeligt som muligt. Pris, leveringstid og fragt form, skal være helt klar. X2Nails har selv otte forskellige leveringstemoder, som kunden kan vælge mellem. Kunder er meget forskellige og ønsker mest muligt tilpasning.

    Ingen skjulte gebyrer

    Okay, så din kunde er kommet til betalingsiden og er ved at udfylde sine kortoplysninger også står der kortgebyrer på. Det er mindre gebyrer, typisk mellem 0,5 kr. til 10 kr. Ved du hvad de fleste af dine kunder vælger at gøre? De afbryder købet og finder en anden webshop.
    Mange oplever også at de putter varer i deres kurv, men der kommer ingen pris for fragt og det står ikke tydeligt andre steder, hvor meget det koster. Her går din kunde automatisk udfra, at fragten er gratis, lige indtil hun kommer ind på betalingsiden og ser, at der er blevet lagt 50 kr. fragt oveni. Kan du gætte hvad hun gør?


    Gør leveringstiden så tydelig som mulig, så kunden er helt klar over, hvornår hun modtager sin ordre. Har din webshop fleksibel fragt, er det ekstra vigtigt at kunden ved præcist, hvad hendes valg betyder for leveringstiden.


    Har du en lille webshop og du vælger at “lukke” den en uge for, at holde ferie er det ultra vigtigt, at du du skriver tydeligt på alle sider, at webshoppen er lukket og ordre ikke afsendes inden d. xx/xx. Det er også vigtigt at være tilgængelig, så kunden kan få fat på dig, selvom du ikke er tilstede.

    Indrøm fejl

    Har din webshop begået en fejl, er det en rigtig god idé at indrømme fejlen og undskylde, så hurtigt som muligt. Lige efter undskyldningen, skal du komme med to til tre rimelige forsalg for kunden. Husk at det er webshoppens fejl og ikke kundens. Kunden får typisk medlidenhed med dig og vælger den lette løsning for jer begge.

    Konstant forbedring

    Forbedring af kundeservice skal være konstant. Den kan altid blive bedre, især i en tid, hvor alt bliver mere avanceret og det hele går så hurtigt. Tiden ændre sig og dine kunder ændre sig.

    Stor eller lille virksomhed, kundeservice skal bare være i top!

    Jeg håber du kan bruge det til at forbedre kundeservicen i din webshop. 😉

    Du kan fange mig på LinkedIn.

    PS. Til webshops jeg har handlet hos tidligere og jeg ikke er kommet tilbage, jeg håber i læser dette. 🙂