Read the Danish version here: De 4 grunde til at vælge EASJ

With the great interest in entrepreneurship by the younger generations it has also become important for many students to have an environment at school, where they can work on their ideas and businesses. Get help, meet other entrepreneurs and much more.

I’m one of them.

Short after I had started my business the business academic, ZIBAT where I am studying at, started up an environment for student entrepreneurs called Drivhuset, which in English would be The green house, if translated.

1. Getting the last push

The last push I needed to start my own business I got by one of my professors. This was in the end of my first semester or the beginning of my second semester. – The reason I started at the business academic was because I felt like I wasn’t ready to jump out as an entrepreneur.

Apparently I was.

2. Mixing school with business

By starting my own business while studying I not only got great advice from my professors, I also got to mix my studies with my business. I was allowed to write five different exam papers about X2Nails and was allowed to take the obligatory three months internships in my own company, twice. This way I could instantly put the theory I learned into practice and develop my business.

This has been a great learning process for me especially because I am one of those who learns best by trying.

3. Free office space

The Drivhuset is not only for danish students or the international students at ZIBAT but it is also for the people in the city. Everyone is welcome but you have to go through a small screening process to become a member. You can follow Drivhuset at Facebook, all the postings are in English. – And you don’t have to pay anything to use the available facilities.

4. Opportunity for international and danish students

This is great opportunity for the international students because most of the programs in Denmark are mainly targeted danish entrepreneurs but at ZIBAT they focus more on international students and to give them a great start and opportunities in Denmark. Even the website is in English. It’s a great opportunity if you want to study aboard and would like to work on an idea or startup something.

– Hafsa

P.S. I’m almost done with my studies but I can still use Drivhuset. 😉

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