Hafsah Farooq entrepreneur from Denmark

Name: Hafsah Fatimah bint Farooq

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Birthplace: Denmark

Current company: X2Writer

Position: Freelance Copywriter and Digital Marketing Consultant


I am a 27-year-old entrepreneur, from Denmark and have founded X2Nails in april 2013 and X2Writer in 2016.

Starting out

I started out as a student-entrepreneur and I have just completed a professional bachelor in international sales and marketing at ZIBAT, while also taking a bigger Negotiation course with the University of Michigan.

I have also taken a Game Theory course, at the Tokyo University, to understand what goes on in the background of politics and larger companies. 

Entrepreneurship has given me great knowledge and experiences. I have even tried to be the boss once before and second time for two interns. 

By usually being a one man show I had to learn everything concerning a startup, to analyze and make quick decision. 


I have made many mistakes, which has been a great learning process for me. Nevertheless years later, I have a great understanding and experience about all the different processes that goes on in a company. – Be it from getting the idea, packing the customers orders to signing important contracts. X2Nails main focus is quality nail products and a great customer service. 


I have been a volunteer venture pilot at Mind Your Own Business, where I, with five other venture pilots helped 10 teenage boys startup a business, called S.I.D.O. 

Inspiration is important for everyone and therefore I used to do speeches about my journey as an entrepreneur and how I got where I am today. 


I used to blog as a nail polish lover for X2Nails.

Today I do it as an entrepreneur. By doing so I share my knowledge about various issues concerning my two passions and entrepreneurship

To follow my almost daily journey follow my Instagram: @HafsaFarooqX2


Fluent in

Danish and English

Can talk almost fluently

Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi

To some extent

Japanese, German and Spanish




If you would like to see more of my projects, you can check out my LinkedIn Profile: Hafsa Farooq