This is long overdue … but in August 2020, I graduated as a lawyer from the University of Copenhagen. I now hold the title: MSc in Social Science in Laws.

My thesis

I did my thesis in communication, rhetoric and GDPR.

My thesis treated the question: How can smaller e-commerce shops make their policies on their websites, so they go from the (hard to understand) legal language to a clear language (so everyone understands)?

My thesis was in five main parts:

  1. A case company analysis
    • Made up a complicated case
  2. Legal analysis
    • Relevant GDPR
  3. From the marketing perspective
    1. Mainly treating: Why the personal data so important
  4. An analysis of the results with communication and rhetoric theory
    • A research survey
    • Communication and rhetoric theory used on the survey
    • A document analysis
  5. A final guide for companies to make their cookie- and privacy policies with.
    • The background
    • The guide for the pop-up and how to build the policies

I must admit I wanted to do a little better but as the situation was with the lockdown and everyone working from home, it interfered with my process and I ended up renting an office space to work on my thesis.

It was also a writers block …

I had already made the research survey and sent it out, so I had gathered a lot of usable data and I had structured the whole thesis and already had my research question. The only thing missing was writing it.
I rented the office and for one-two weeks I worked on it very little, because of work. Then two weeks before handing it in, I was working on it for more than twelve hours a day.

I don’t recommend anyone doing that … really don’t.

Kudos to my supervisor who really pushed me through the last weeks. Anne-Lise Kjær, you are just amazing! Thank you!

The exams went amazing. The censor was a judge. That surprised me a bit, but he was really cool and I managed to keep my calm.

I just got my master’s in 2020 but I was learning the regulation before it was inforced. I have been processing personal data for almost eight years (soon) and working with all the legal aspects that comes with an e-commerce business.

I am looking forward to see what the future brings!

I might share some of my findings from my thesis. We really need to do something about communicating GDPR in a way that people in of every education level knows, what they are giving consent to.


P.S. I am currently looking for a job (in Denmark on Zealand) at the moment as a GDPR-specialist. If you know anyone hiring let me know! – Thank you in advance!
Sure, I actually know someone who is! I will refer you!