Criticism is something you might see as a tornado coming but cannot stop or hide from it.

I have always been able to take criticism but it does not mean that I do not care or think about it. I will actually think about it a lot.

Sometimes even for days.
I might not show it.

It is not a bad thing.

It is not like I will have evil thoughts about this person.

Sometimes I will actually ask one or two persons to criticize me. Especially when I am doing speeches because I want to better myself.

Here comes the three reasons for you to love and ask for criticism.

1. Just because you are doing great
This criticism is the kind you get, when you are doing great and have reached a point where you now have haters.

Haters who does not have anything else to do than hate on you, your work and everything that has anything to do with you.

You should love this.

Even if the are saying mean things about you.

Why, you might think?

Well, look at it from this perspective.

They are jealous of you.
They secretly want your things.
Want your job.
Or whatever you are doing.

Do not take them seriously.

Do not remember the things they say.
Do not let it effect yourself or your work.

Just love it because you have reached so far, that you now have hater-fans.

Hater-fans who secretly wants your life.
Awesome, right? 

2. Better yourself and your business

This one is used commonly among businesses.
They call it customer feedback.

It just sounds more friendly than criticism but is the same thing.

You can choose to ask for it or you can get it when you flop big time.

We can both agree on it is best to ask for it, right?
Then you are also prepared.
And do not feel like you were just found with your pants down.

When I have received some criticism I will look into what made the person say it and use it to better myself.
Then I will ask myself these following questions.

  • How can I use it?
  • What can I do to better myself?  
  • What should I do next time, so I do not make the same mistake? 
  • Is it something I can fix right now? 
We often only look from our own perspective and that results in very slow or none growth at all. That is why it is important to get someone else to criticize you.


Always use the results wisely.

3. They want to help

These can be people you know or do not know.

We can divide these in two groups.

In the first group are the people who does not know anything about running a business but they think they do.

  • Or they have a great idea for you.
  • Or they think you are selling the wrong products. 
  • Or you should just close your business and find a regular job.
  • Or you need to listen to all their ideas and do what they tell you.

You should probably listen and then ignore it if it is not something you can use.

In the second group are those who does know a lot about running a business.

They are busy themselves and cannot see your problems until you put them in front of them.
But they would love to help you.

They might just refer you to someone.

Even help you out.
Criticize you.
Or just give you a tip.

The thing is, that the words that come out of their mouths will probably help you more than the first group.

You just need to ask for it.

And you need to listen.


If you need to criticize someone then do it in a way so the person won’t feel hurt or attacked. – Always give an explanation.

Criticizing right is not an easy job.

Criticizing wrong is easy.

Until next time!

– Hafsa

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P.P.S. Criticism is actually a great motivator. Did you ever think about that?