This is why I have been so quite the past month.
I have been in Pakistan for three weeks!

Oh, and yesterday was Pakistans 69th birthday.
So, happy birthday Pakistan!

Three whole weeks.

No work.
And in the heat!

I missed working and the danish rainy weather…
So, a little glad to be back.

Anyways, I just came back one and a half week ago.

I have been so tired and busy.
So writing anything at all…
Was too much work for my brain.

It sounds like I have been doing a lot there but not really.

1. Adjusting
I think it was caused by the shock I received by living there.
My first visit in 13 years.

Actually, living there wasn’t so bad.
Doing normal stuff there, like going out grocery shopping.
That was bad.

Here in Denmark women can go around doing all kinds of things.
Right or wrong.
Not many will care…


When my uncle or uncles where with us…
No problem.

It not like everyone is like that.
Some respect women a lot…
Which are the religious people.

Which is awesome.

But the not-religious…

2. Educational trip
We actually went for educational purposes.
Yes, in Pakistan.

What is there in Pakistan?

Let me just clarify.
Islamic educational purposes.

So yea, not much sightseeing.
And not much time for shopping either.
Which I was really happy about.

I did however take some pictures.
You can see some of them here.

3. Amazing news

Graduation: Mufti Imran bin Munir Husayn in the middle of
the first row. To his right is Mufti Tariq Amin also from

One of my uncles became a Mufti on this trip.
Mufti Imran bin Munir Husayn.

A Mufti is an Islamic scholar, who is an expert in Islamic law.

This is one of the greatest titles one can achieve as a Scholar in Islam.

He is the youngest of my mothers siblings.
Only in the beginning of his thirties.

Ma sha’a Llah, may Allah subhana wa ta’ala grant them a lot more.

The second one is Mufti Tariq Amin, which has studied Islam with my uncle since high school.

The two new danish Muftis are the first in Scandinavia, if not in Europe who has actually grown up in a non-muslim country, have educations by the “danish state” and choose to study islam.
In a country, where a large portion of the younger generation has been out “integrating in the danish culture”.


He is not only studying but also teaching others, mostly in danish.
You can check out two courses he is about to start at, in Danish.

If you just want to…
Browse or look for Islamic information then check out

Read some blog articles from him in English and Danish then check out Towards Enlightment.

Check out the books he has written and translated.
Just go to Books by Imran bin Munir Husayn.

Or watch some of his videos, just go to Profetens Vej.
They are in danish.

4. A place for everyone

Big church in or just outside Islamabad, Pakistan.

All right, you have probably heard…

 1. That all muslims countries are very narrow minded.
 2. There is not place for non-muslims there.
 3. There is a war going on between muslims and non-muslims.

Take a peak at the picture of the church.

It is indeed in Pakistan.
Looking very peaceful.
Very open.
In good condition.

There is no sign of any kind of disturbance.
At all.

Do I really need to say more?

This is not the only church I saw in Pakistan.
I saw even larger churches.

I am just one of the persons who likes to enjoy seeing things, rather than taking pictures all the time.

5. Poverty vs wealth

Wealthy area

Try looking at the next two pictures.

It is like two different worlds.

I know the first one is a living area and the second one are small shops.

There is such a great gap.
That it hurts.

You see so much poverty in the streets every time you go out.

Poor area

Fake and real beggars coming up to you.

It has become a profession to beg for money there.
I don’t understand how people can get themselves to use that money on themselves.

Fair enough, there are a lot of poor people who has no other way of putting a little food on the table at home.

But there are so many who see it as a job.

You see things with your eyes.
You wish you could forget.

For example.
We were going somewhere and I saw a child.
He was not even 10 years.
Pushing a corn trolley, I think.
In the middle of the day.
When he was supposed to be in school.

That broke my heart.

Why is that ok?
Why is the government ok with that?
Why are we ok with that?

I do not get it.

6. New buildings

Another new building project somewhere in Pakistan

Especially in Islamabad.
There are a lot of new building complexes.

And they are not just buildings.
These are luxurious buildings, where the rich people move in.

These are not only big apartments.
They have everything.

Including guards down stairs.
To the garage.
To the entrance for walkers.
And in the lobby.

Check out some of these apartments for rent in Islamabad.

They look like five stars hotels.
Most of them.

Mountain in Pakistan

7. Beautiful mountains
The mountains are gorgeous.

The picture is just a small one.
It is something everyone should go and see.

They are so beautiful!

We also have one of the worlds highest mountain.
K2 Mountain.

Pakistan is something everyone should visit at least once.

It is a great experience and there are differently many places to go sightseeing.

– Hafsa

P.S. I hope you enjoyed this, even though it was a unusual topic for me.

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