Do you want to know how to make your blog post?

The answer is probably yes, since you are here.

Many entrepreneurs out there either do not know how to write a blog post or do not think it is important.

I will not go into how and why it is important. – You probably know.

This one is for you!

I will go through each step, one by one for writing this post.

This is how I do it.

1. Step: Getting the idea
This can happen everywhere. For example:

  • On the toilet
  • While you are eating
  • About to sleep
  • Socializing
  • Reading 
  • Or anywhere else.

Make sure to write it down as soon as possible, since you probably do not have the time to write right away.

2. Step: Research 
If you do not have any knowledge about the subject then do some research by Googling it. Use Googles settings and search tools, this way you will get the best and most accurate results.

The key here is being critical, since everyone has access to write practically anything on the internet.

Even if you know almost everything about the subject, it is still a good thing to do some research first.

3. Step: Brainstorm 
For beginners this is an important step, even if it sounds boring. – You need to know what is important and filter the unimportant part out.

If you do not know how to do a brainstorm, here is how you do it:

  • Take a piece of A4 paper and a pen.
  • Write the subject in the middle.
  • Write every word, which comes into your mind down and draw a line from the subject. 
  • If you can, then make sure to connect the connected words. 

As you get more used to writing, this step will automatically happen inside your head and you will not have the need to do a brainstorm.

4. Step: Make notes
Now it is time to find out what is important and to only choose the most necessary information, which you want to give your reader.

Put them as bullet points and then put them in order. Under each bullet point, you can add points; you might need it to go into extra detail.

For this post, my notes looked like this: 

  • brainstorm/notes
  • Find a picture
  • intro
  • write the post/ what is on your mind
  • break
  • read trough – does it make sense at all? 
    • cut back – remove unnecessary words
  • Sections and headlines 
    • Shift places if needed
  • Make important things pop
  • Leave
  • Proofread L
  • publish 
  • Proofread again
  • Proofread after one day
    • Share on social media etc.

And yes, they probably do not make sense for anyone else. – The thing is, that only you need to know what they mean.

Yes, it does not matter if there are spelling mistakes.

5. Step: Find your picture
Now you have enough information to find or take the perfect picture. I usually use Pixabay to find royalty free pictures, even though there are many other sites. Here are 73 different sites.

6. Step: Write your post
It is finally time to write. For me, this is the best part. I can in an hour or two write a thoroughly worked post, like this one.

Take each bullet point and write everything important about it. Try to get your message across to the reader as much as possible. It is all right if it does not make sense.

7. Step: Take a break
Time to take a break. Take five minutes making tea, coffee or do something else.

Personally, I like to take a break to do a prayer, make a cup of tea or go check my social media. The last one takes too much time.

8. Step: Read it critically
Come back to your work and read it as critically as possible. Ask questions like:

  • Does it help?
  • Would I understand this, if I did not know anything about it? 
  • Try to include the reader by asking questions.
  • Use the word “you” to target the reader. 
If something does not help, simply delete it. This is also when you are supposed to remove extra words like: really, very, actually, already etc.
Your reader is not dumb and can understand you, even if you use fewer words.  
9. Step: Sections and subheads

If you remember what is where, you can just make sections and subheads. If not, just read it again and while reading, make the sections and subheads.

Having sections and subheads gives your reader a better overview of the post and gives them the illusion that they are not reading as much as they are.

If you have a text without sections and subheads, few are going to read it. – It simply looks too overwhelming.

  • Sometimes it gives more sense that one section is first, so now is the time to move the sections around, if needed. 

10. Step: Bold, underline and italic
Make important things catch the readers eyes by making it bold, italic, underline or mixed. It draws attention to it and the reader will most likely read it twice. – It will sink in.

But do not overuse it.
Your post will look too overworked.

11. Step: Another break
Yes, time for another break. Take a minimum of 15 minutes. Now social media is a good idea. – You need to think of something completely different.

12. Step: Proofread loudly
Time to proofread your post. This is very boring for me and even if I do it more than once, sometimes basic words gets misspelled because I already know what is supposed to be there.

By doing it loudly, you can hear the mistakes. – I usually read to any person next to me. They can also tell me if something is unclear.

13. Step: Publish
Yep, it is time. Just press it. Even if you think, there are mistakes in the post.

14. Step: Proofread it again 
Yes, again. In addition, make sure someone is listening to you this time. Now it is available for everyone on the internet!

15. Step: Proofread next day

This is the last time. Just repeat step 12 or 14. When done, you are now ready to share it on your social media.

That is it!

– Hafsa

P.S. I would love to read your post after you have read this step-by-step guide. Send me a link on my Facebook page @HafsafarooqX2 and I will read it.