First of all, I apologize for not writing as much as I used to. I will try to be more constant from now on.
Even if I am just writing mumbo jumbo.
Kidding … of course.
Do you really think I would waste your time?
Do you?!
Ok, I got that out of my system.
Now to the serious part.
I have earlier written about how to better your sleep quality. This is the one, I am blabbing about: 

I concentrated the post on how to get the right sleep. Now I will tell you about the pros and cons about when you keep to your routine.
This is not only for you but a reminder for myself too. Lately, I have started a messed up routine. – I do not plan to continue this way. 
Let us start with the pros. 


1. Your internal clock starts working right

After two weeks’ time and you keeping to your sleeping routine, your body should be used to it. That will make you wake up at you own most likely, before you alarm clock goes off. 
Which not only gives you an amazing feeling, but also it will not make you so cranky, since your sleep was not disturbed. 

2. More time to do be effective

You feel like you finally have time to get things done. When you feel like it, you will actually get more things done. 

3. You get extra time 

Finally, you will start to have extra time to do the things you want, whether it is to read, write, film, draw, reflect, spend more time with your loved ones or whatever you like to do. 

4. Feeling more driven and motivated

Yes, amazingly, you will start to feel like you are actually doing something positive and using your time wisely. 
This will also make you believe more in yourself and before you know it, you will be looking back and thinking, ‘Huh? Have I really become so far, already?’ 

5. More willing

You will have more energy and you will suddenly be able to help others or finally do things, you have been putting off.


6. You can’t break your routine

If you break your sleeping routine, it is hard to get back at it again. You need to be consistent and sometimes you will have to be the mood killer, but it is for your best. 
If it is necessary, you can only be one hour late for bed. That is it. It will happen that you break your routine. When it happens, you have to get back on it as soon as possible. 
No late parties! Yes, it means no late parties or a night out. It might sound boring, but having fun, does not equal staying up all night. 

7. Get up, even if you slept bad

It will happen that you cannot fall asleep, especially in the beginning. 
When you get up at the same time every morning you will start to be able to sleep at the same time, every night. 
Remember: It takes about two weeks for at person to get used to a permanent routine. It takes patience and sacrifice.

This is how you get most out of the day

We all have the same 24 hours every day. What we do with them, is what counts. 
Getting better sleep and be fresh every day, makes you work wonders.  
   Hafsa Farooq
   Freelance copywriter
   Digital Marketer