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    5 Things NEVER to do on LinkedIn | Digital Marketing

    What is it with LinkedIn, that non of the other social media has been able to do?

    It is that blue side of people.

    (No, not the sad blue, but the professional blue.)

    Other platforms are actually really good to reach consumers, but LinkedIn is a little different.

    Yes, of course you can reach consumers too, but the main thing there is …
    That it is an amazing tool to reach out to bigger fish (companies).

    It is especially relevant, if your company’s activities are on the Business-to-Business market.

    Or if you are looking for a new job, new opportunities or just want to expand your network.

    In this post, I will tell you things you should NEVER do on LinkedIn.

    LinkedIn is a little tricky and therefore it is very hard for new people on the platform to figure out what to do and whatnot.

    This is for you!

    The power of using LinkedIn right.
    Picture by Geralt

    1. Sending invitations without messages

    Everyone one has done this!
    It is only okay in the situation, when you have meet the person and you know that he/she knows about you and you guys are going to be meeting many times to come.

    Otherwise, do not do it!

    Just add a small personal message.

    It is not that hard!
    And you give the person a much better presentation of yourself, then just letting your profile to speak for itself.

    And trust me, it is not everyone, who has profiles that actually show their talent.

    Wouldn’t you rather just use a couple of minutes to write a short message then risk being ignored?

    It might be your next big opportunity.

    Maybe the person knows a person, who can get you that job you are interested in.

    2. Sending sales messages, as soon as accepted

    This is just like being shot by a bazooka!
    I mean … I am sitting here like, “Oh cool, an interesting person!”
    HOWEVER as soon as I accept.
    I receive a message, something like this …
    ‘Hi Hafsa, 

    Are you interested in buying bla bla bla …’

    Just stop doing that.

    I don’t want this kind of person to be in my network.

    I don’t want to be sold something.

    I want to connect to interesting people!

    If you have to sell me something, then do it in a proper manner!

    I want you do make me like you, your product and believe that the price is actually right and you are not just trying to rip me off!

    3. Just posting stuff and not interacting with others

    You just want to post and not interact with others.
    You just want people to click on your links, like your post and comment.

    Yeah … just remember if you really want to have people like you, you need to make them notice you, with kindness, be helpful and a little witty.

    You will become top of mind.

    Think about it.

    Why would you remember a person?

    He/she is noticeable by …

    • popping up in the comments you see.
    • him/her sharing relevant posts/articles.
    • seeing the person help others.
    • remembering he/she helped you, when you needed help.
    • getting recommended by others you trust.
    • seeing that person as an expert – this one is hard to reach but worth it!
    • and properly something else.

    But you have gotten my point right?
    You need to become this person!

    It will open so many opportunities for you!

    4. Expecting something in return

    This actually goes for everything you do.
    Never ever expect anything in return for what good you do for others.

    If you do … you won’t be able to do it for very long.

    You will simply loose the motivation and drive for doing it.

    Make this a life-rule!

    You will find yourself feeling satisfied with yourself and won’t need anything from others.

    If someone does do something good for you be happy about it.

    See it as a nice gesture.
    And don’t expect that person to do it again.

    If he/she does it again.

    Just enjoy it.

    5. Have a poor picture

    This one is very common.
    Please just think about your image.

    Do you want to look like someone who just woke up or a party-person?

    Or someone who is professional, presentable and approachable?

    The latter, right?

    Just get one taken by a professional or just have someone at home take it.

    It is easy now.
    You just need a one-color-background and a smartphone.


       Hafsa Farooq
       Freelance Copywriter
       Digital Marketer

    P.S. Want to connect with me on LinkedIn? 

    Yes, that sounds interesting!

    P.P.S. If you are already connected with me, cool! 

    I have over the past years deleted all the spammers and profiles who are only about selling me stuff!

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    If you are not on LinkedIn, get on now! | Digital Marketing

    Read the Danish version here: Hvis du ikke er på LinkedIn, skal du på nu!

    The title says the most of it but down below I will explain why you should use LinkedIn and give you some good advice, which you can get very far with. 😉

    Me, without LinkedIn
    Before I made a profile on LinkedIn, I thought I did not need it. I said to myself “I already have Facebook and a mobile. Why do I need LinkedIn?” Until the day that I needed a person whom I could not get in contact with. If I just had a LinkedIn profile at that time, I would have found that person before it was too late.
    So I created a profile on LinkedIn. One should not make the same mistake again, right?

    Build up your business network with LinkedIn
    Yes, LinkedIn is another social medium but your LinkedIn profile is not as difficult to maintain. I myself only log on a couple of times a week. I Share an article I have found or my own blog post. I like five to ten posts and write a quick comment. In that way your connections will remember you and people you do not know will check out your profile. I typically get somewhere between two and five new invitations a week, just by doing that.

    Remember, if someone comments on your post it is important to answer back. People are generally not that active on LinkedIn, so if you just do a little extra, you can get a lot out of it.

    Be Professional
    I see this mistake over and over again. People think that LinkedIn is Facebook. No, LinkedIn is not a place for boyfriend troubles, wars, your bad day, strong religious beliefs, dating and other things which either are or can quickly turn into something negative. Would you in real life talk to a possible business partner about how your ex-boyfriend treated you, no right? Keep that on Facebook and other social media where you have people who care about you. The person who takes their profile just a little serious deletes the connections that focus on above negativity.

    Fill out your profile
    Your LinkedIn profile is your online resume and it is not even as hard to maintain as people think.
    • The profile’s language: It is very important to choose if you just want English or in English and your native language. You have to remember that LinkedIn is an international medium and by only writing in your native language your profile will not be very attractive.
    • Education: Whether you are a craftsman or a CEO, your education is an important part of your profile. Briefly write what classes you have taken. It gives others a sense of where you are on a theoretical level or just a confirmation of who you are.
      Subjects and courses you have taken should of course also be on there. It may be that you are not educated in that particular sector but you have taken a lot of courses or just single classes, which also belongs under education.
    • Jobs: A resume without job experience, no… just no. Write each job down and give a brief explanation of what you did or do there. Do not write too much then people do not bother to read it at all.
    • Follow: By following opinion makers and companies you will give your connections better pictures of what kind of people and companies you find interesting. At the same time, you can stay up to date with your favorite business persons and companies.
    • Groups: Join different groups which are interesting for you. For example if you are bad at SEO you can join SEO groups and thereby learn more about that. It is also a really good way to get more connections.
    • Languages: Choose all the languages that you can. It does not matter if you can talk them fluently or just a couple of words because you can choose different levels. For example in my profile it says that Danish is my native language, while I speak Japanese at a elementary level. When you know a language a little it is easy to learn if you for example need it for the next job.
    • Skills: You can have 50 skills in total. This means that you can show whole 50 skills that you are good at. Additionally you can get others to recognize those skills, which makes your profile more trustworthy.
    Profile change message
    Turn if off! I just do not understand why LinkedIn has made this feature. It is annoying and unnecessary. Why should it be interesting for all my LinkedIn connections to know when I make the slightest change in my profile? I do not know…
    You can easily turn it off by following the path: Edit profile > Right side, the box at the bottom > No.

    500+ connections
    LinkedIn only counts your connections up to 500. Anything over 500 will be shown as 500+. By having 500 connections it will show that you are engaged in your profile and have used your time wisely. And who does not loved engaged people? 😉
    Try reading this… I have 580 connections on LinkedIn, which gives me access to 18,100,000 professionals. Yes, 18.1 million! I wonder if it just gives me a few opportunities.

    Your connections
    Now, if I need a SEO expert and do a search on LinkedIn, the results will show me multiple profiles. They will be divided into:
    • 1st degree (your connections): These are your contacts on LinkedIn.
    • 2nd degree (your connections connection): Your contacts’ contacts on LinkedIn.
    • 3rd degree (your connections connections connection): The contacts you have on LinkedIn, these are their contacts’ contacts.
    • Group members: All the groups that you have joined have members and all those members, you can contact directly.
    • Outside your network: These are the persons whom you can contact if you have their contact information or you are paying for a premium account on LinkedIn.

    Use your network
    Now you have a large network and what should you use it for? Let us take some examples. First: You are looking for a particular job. You find a person whom you get to know a little and you ask him to put in a good word for you. Second: Maybe you want to sell a product on B2B-market so you can find customers on LinkedIn. Third: You are looking for a new employee and will find a better match through LinkedIn. You get the point, right? 🙂

    Profile picture
    No, not your profile picture on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. It has to be a professional picture, preferably a picture for the purpose of using it on LinkedIn. You will find “a few” advices for your profile picture.
    • First and foremost the picture has to be of you!
    • You are smiling, so you do not scare people. You can show your teeth.
    • Get your whole face, so people can recognize you. 
    • Do not look away from your profiles text as it expresses uncertainty. 
    • Do not show us your new weekend outfit, we do not really care. Do not show more than your shoulders.
    • Save your selfies for Facebook.
    • No pets!
    • No cigarettes in your mouth or anything like that.
    • No piercings.
    If you click into my LinkedIn profile you will see that I use the same profile picture on all the social media which I am on. It is simply because I would like you guys to be able to recognize my profiles.

    Last but not least, it is a great idea to keep your profile updated. You never know when you might need it.

    If you follow these tips, you should be pretty good going on LinkedIn. Do you want to be my contact on LinkedIn? You can just add me here: Hafsa Farooq.