What is it with LinkedIn, that non of the other social media has been able to do?

It is that blue side of people.

(No, not the sad blue, but the professional blue.)

Other platforms are actually really good to reach consumers, but LinkedIn is a little different.

Yes, of course you can reach consumers too, but the main thing there is …
That it is an amazing tool to reach out to bigger fish (companies).

It is especially relevant, if your company’s activities are on the Business-to-Business market.

Or if you are looking for a new job, new opportunities or just want to expand your network.

In this post, I will tell you things you should NEVER do on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a little tricky and therefore it is very hard for new people on the platform to figure out what to do and whatnot.

This is for you!

1. Sending invitations without messages

Everyone one has done this!
It is only okay in the situation, when you have meet the person and you know that he/she knows about you and you guys are going to be meeting many times to come.

Otherwise, do not do it!

Just add a small personal message.

It is not that hard!
And you give the person a much better presentation of yourself, then just letting your profile to speak for itself.

And trust me, it is not everyone, who has profiles that actually show their talent.

Wouldn’t you rather just use a couple of minutes to write a short message then risk being ignored?

It might be your next big opportunity.

Maybe the person knows a person, who can get you that job you are interested in.

2. Sending sales messages, as soon as accepted

This is just like being shot by a bazooka!
I mean … I am sitting here like, “Oh cool, an interesting person!”
HOWEVER as soon as I accept.
I receive a message, something like this …
‘Hi Hafsa, 

Are you interested in buying bla bla bla …’

Just stop doing that.

I don’t want this kind of person to be in my network.

I don’t want to be sold something.

I want to connect to interesting people!

If you have to sell me something, then do it in a proper manner!

I want you do make me like you, your product and believe that the price is actually right and you are not just trying to rip me off!

3. Just posting stuff and not interacting with others

You just want to post and not interact with others.
You just want people to click on your links, like your post and comment.

Yeah … just remember if you really want to have people like you, you need to make them notice you, with kindness, be helpful and a little witty.

You will become top of mind.

Think about it.

Why would you remember a person?

He/she is noticeable by …

  • popping up in the comments you see.
  • him/her sharing relevant posts/articles.
  • seeing the person help others.
  • remembering he/she helped you, when you needed help.
  • getting recommended by others you trust.
  • seeing that person as an expert – this one is hard to reach but worth it!
  • and properly something else.

But you have gotten my point right?
You need to become this person!

It will open so many opportunities for you!

4. Expecting something in return

This actually goes for everything you do.
Never ever expect anything in return for what good you do for others.

If you do … you won’t be able to do it for very long.

You will simply loose the motivation and drive for doing it.

Make this a life-rule!

You will find yourself feeling satisfied with yourself and won’t need anything from others.

If someone does do something good for you be happy about it.

See it as a nice gesture.
And don’t expect that person to do it again.

If he/she does it again.

Just enjoy it.

5. Have a poor picture

This one is very common.
Please just think about your image.

Do you want to look like someone who just woke up or a party-person?

Or someone who is professional, presentable and approachable?

The latter, right?

Just get one taken by a professional or just have someone at home take it.

It is easy now.
You just need a one-color-background and a smartphone.


   Hafsa Farooq
   Freelance Copywriter
   Digital Marketer

P.S. Want to connect with me on LinkedIn? 

Yes, that sounds interesting!

P.P.S. If you are already connected with me, cool! 

I have over the past years deleted all the spammers and profiles who are only about selling me stuff!