Even if I have gotten my professional bachelor degree in international sales and marketing, it doesn’t mean that I am completely done studying.

If you don’t know what I am writing to you about, you should click here and read my previous post.

I am always studying.

Everyday there is something new in entrepreneurship.

Yes! I mean it. – Every single day.
Every day I see something new.

It can be some new innovation, another entrepreneur making it, a new way of marketing or even something that I just don’t know anything about.

1. The information age
There is so much information out there, that it is just amazing. The internet has made it so much easier for us to look up information and it even pops up when we are not looking for it. – This is the information age that entrepreneurs like you and me love so much. – Or at least should love.

Do a search on your problem and you will most likely find out how to fix it or where to get it fixed.

Before we… or rather our parents and grandparents, had to look things up in books or get consulted by someone who might knew about it og knew someone. It was hard, very time consuming and sometimes the problem didn’t even get fixed.

We are so lucky.

Really! Just think about it for a second… a life without the internet. – Just thinking about it is making me depressed.

It’s amazing how much information there is out there and just waiting for us. So much information that we can educate ourselves at our own pace and even share our own knowledge with others. – It is up to us to search for it and to use it right.

Don’t ever take if for granted. Some people work for many years at that special something they have chosen to share with you, so always compliment or at least use it wisely.

2. False vs real information
Unfortunately a trend have started where some people just like to spread false information. Whether it be something big or small, it can really affect or misguide the reader in the wrong direction.

It is very important to be aware of false information and be able to spot it right away.

2.1. You should first look at the site where the post is. Is the site any good? Does it make you feel like you are in an advertising jungle? Does it have weird pop-ups? – Look at the whole site, does it look like something serious? If not, you should probably leave right away.

2.2. How are the readers responding to the article? If they are responding in a very critical manner, you can read it but be aware that the post might not be very useful.

2.3. Who is the person behind? It is public, anonymous or a site specially made to spread lies or the like? If it is the last two you should probably be very critical. You don’t want to spoil your brain with untruthful information.

2.4. Always find more than one source. It is possible that the writer looks legit to you but everyone can get misinformed and therefore you should be careful.

3. Free help is easy

It is amazing how easy it is to get free help today. You can post a request in a forum or ask your network through social media. Someone will always be able to help or know someone who can help you.

Then on the other hand you should also help when you can. By doing so, so will not only spread goodwill but you will also “inspire” others to do so.

4. Information overload

Sometimes the information just gets too much. You have so many things that you need to do but the list only seem to get longer. – This is called information overload. 
Yes, this is exactly the right time to take a break. 
How you can take a break is that you stop clicking on the articles and start doing the things on your list. As you get through it then you can take one article at a time. Don’t read them when you are getting a lot of work or are about to.

– Hafsa
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P.P.S. I hope you can use this article and protect your brain palace from unnecessary information.