Always think of Him | Islam

Remembering Allah. Dhikr and a dasbhi.GIF by Hafsa Farooq (me) It is not a secret that I am a Muslim entrepreneur. So sometimes, my understanding of a situation or reaction is different than you would normal think. As an entrepreneur is it hard to always keep the same motivation, even when you are winning. For […]


I know, you will never like me | Humanity

Not as lonely as you think – I know, you don’t like me.Picture by Harunmovsisyan Since I was little, you didn’t like me. I don’t know why.  You would always say something to hurt me and my parents.  Many times did my family leave crying, from your house.  At one point my sister didn’t want to […]


I am done | Entrepreneur

Finally got my professional bachelor in international sales and marketing degree. It hasn’t been easy to be a student-entrepreneur. I sometimes wanted to give up but those days are over now and I made it. A new chapter, new challenges and new opportunities Student-entrepreneurAbout three years ago I was sitting in one of my professors […]