My mother just graduated or as we say in Danish “Hun har lige fået hue”. It has actually almost been a month now. – And believe me it has not been easy for her but she made it by working hard.

This got me thinking… Since my parents moved here right after they got married, they have both been working really hard. It’s not like they weren’t educated when they came to Denmark but they just couldn’t use their educations in Denmark. – Yes, it is as stupid as it sounds.

  • They both went to school to learn Danish and a little more but they still couldn’t use their educations they had from Pakistan. They literately had to start over. 

Then they had me, so my parents had to start work. – Today my mother works in a kindergarten and my father is a taxi owner.

They are my motivation.

They showed my siblings and I that hard work pays off.

How I can see it pays off is not only the materialistic things but also in our upbringing. They have though us that not only education, helping others, appriciate what you have, always show kindness is all important, but having motivation to do your best at whatever you do, is your driver.

My parents motivation, are us. My siblings and I. – And they have literally done everything they could do to be where they are today. Giving that one percent extra everyday, being great parents and always do whatever has been best for us, no matter who they had to stand against. – And still, what my parents has done is nothing compared to what my grandfather has done for his family, friends, siblings, my grandmothers family and more.

That kind of motivation that drives them is what I want to drive me.

My motivation is to make a difference and I just started. – I am nowhere near what my grandfather and my parents have accomplished but with their support I am here today and I plan to work as hard as I can to make a difference.

Ask yourself
Do you need to reach a goal but are stuck? Then try to think about the following questions for a second.

  • Why are you here?
  • How did you get here?
  • Who helped you?

Now think about this.

  • What do you want to do? 
  • How will you get there? 

If you have answered the questions. Just keep going, until you reach your goals.

Importance of motivation
Being an entrepreneur I know how important it is to keep motivating yourself and how hard it can be sometimes. Either you give up or stay motivated, never compromise.

– Hafsa

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