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    Backstage part 2: Unhealthy entrepreneur life, reflection | Entrepreneur

    Reflection on unhealthy entrepreneur living.
    Picture by 5688709

    You might wonder, why I wrote those two scenarios.

    If you do not know what I mean, you should read my post:

    On both scenarios

    You might be single or with someone. It makes a difference.

    If you are lucky enough to be with someone who understands you and you are able to talk to, but you are still going down the wrong path, you need to take a step back and figure out, if you keep want to hurt yourself and your loved one.

    If you are single, you need someone in your life to tell you to take that step back; otherwise, you are going on hurting yourself.

    I will be that person, at this moment.
    For both of you.

    Breakdown, stress, heart attack and worse

    There are many examples that living can be stressful.

    Some people, need a job, but cannot get one.
    Some people, struggle all their life with money.
    Some people have deadly diseases.
    Some people, are under so much stress, that they breakdown.
    Some people get mental issues.
    Some people work so hard, that it becomes the end of them.

    We all react differently to different kind of pressure.
    And we all have different issues.

    That is why it is important to know yourself and your body.
    Know your limits.
    And don’t cross them.

    I do not remember the name, but he is a very successful Danish entrepreneur. My guess is he is in his forties.

    He has a pacemaker.
    I do not think that needs a comment. You know why one gets a pacemaker.

    Cherish life

    Life is a fragile thing and it is our job to make sure we make the best of it.

    Enjoy yourself.
    Enjoy the small wins.
    Enjoy your surroundings.
    Enjoy the things to come.

    Do not run so hard for a while, that you collapse right before reaching your goal.

    Lift your foot from the gas pedal and put on the cruise control.

    Taking care of your loved once, starts by taking care of yourself.

       Hafsa Farooq
       Freelance copywriter
       Digital Marketing Consultant

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    They don’t understand and I can’t stop | Entrepreneur

    Picture by Wokandpix

    I am 24, almost 25.
    Yes, that age…
    The age where I am supposed to get married.

    I have gotten a professional bachelor and have stopped going to school.
    I have not stopped studying.
    I am just studying what I need and like.
    It is called self studying.

    But stopping going to school, means I want to get married. – In peoples minds.

    It is like I am standing on a rooftop and yelling. “I am ready to get married!”
    Just because I have stopped going to school.

    No, that is not why I stopped going to school.
    I stopped so I could focus on my business.

    I have X2Nails, which is a toddler.
    And I just got X2Writer, which is an infant.

    It is not like it is a couple of people who do not understand.
    No, no.
    It is about 95% people from my family.

    Every time I see most of them I have to hear things like…

    • Did you get a job?
    • Are you looking for a job?
    • Just close your business and find a job.
    • You should have a fixed income.
    • And much more…
    I get where they are coming from but they do not get me.
    Sometimes my mother do not even understand me.
    Sometimes she does.

    I cannot even blame them because they do not have the same mentality.

    They do not understand the concept of building a business from the ground and up.
    They think it should be easy.
    They think success is supposed to come instantly.
    They think normal is good.

    Well it does not.
    It takes time and a lot of work.

    This is one of the many things that drives me.
    To make them understand.
    To make them realize.

    It motivates me to work even harder and prove them wrong.

    It is all right, if everyone do not understand you.
    Even if nobody does.

    Just keep going until you get in goal.
    Make a difference.
    An impact.

    – Hafsa

    P.S. Even if you are alone, just keep going and make it.

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    My 7 step idea process | Entrepreneur

    Read the danish version here: Min 7 trins idé proces

    Getting from idea to results

    Getting an awesome idea is just awesome but executing it and getting results, needs attention and work.
    I’m differently better at getting ideas than executing them so it is important for me to go through a whole process so I know that I will be able to execute the idea as well as possible. In this post I will go through the seven step process I put together for myself.

    1. Getting the idea

    I usually get my ideas at strange moments and strange places but sometimes it also happens in a normal environment, like in the middle of a conversation or when I’m particularly trying to find an idea. Sometimes I will even dream them.

    Ideas are different and they can be too early. They get categorized as: saving for later, execution right away, giving it away and in the trash.

    2. Excitement

    Getting a great idea is amazing and I get really excited. I work, walk, eat and sleep thinking about the idea. I will be forming it in my mind and as I find something unique about it I will write it down. This will probably take a week or so, depending on how complicated the idea is.

    3. Testing

    It’s important to test all ideas otherwise you can loose a lot of valuable time and money. First I will start bouncing the idea off my family and friends. Then I will do some research and find out if it already exist or if it needs some modifications, then I will do it.
    After I have the idea in place I will ask the potential customer about their thoughts and critic of it. It usually gives a new perspective and helps form the product.

    4. Evaluating 

    To evaluate I will use the Business model Canvas. See if it looks like it could be something.

    If the idea passes I will try to make it as unique as possible and find the so called Blue Ocean, otherwise I will throw it in the trash. – Here it is very important to listen to your gut too. Learn to trust it because reaching your goals is not only hard work but your gut has to be with you too. May sound strange but if it doesn’t feel right, you wont be able to give 100%.

    5. Working on it

    This is were I will work on getting all the necessary agreements in place, the different key partners involved and prepare everything necessary to launch the product. This process doesn’t always go as planned. It can take extra time than expected and that is all right. Everything doesn’t always go as you plan.

    6. Execution

    Just let i go. Even if it isn’t perfect. Even if it’s not all done yet. Don’t wait for perfecting the product because when it hits the water you might have to change some things about it. If you keep waiting for the product to be ready, you will never be ready.

    Don’t put all your energy in one blow. Test the water little by little and then when you have done the necessary modification you can let the ship go. Normally I will go through step four, five and six a couple of times to get the best result.

    7. Getting results

    When the product is done and ready you can for example use Google Analytics to get an overview of your results. If you have launched similar products before, you can compare the results and see what you did better or worse. By doing that you can better your next product launch.

    – Hafsa

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