I am 24, almost 25.
Yes, that age…
The age where I am supposed to get married.

I have gotten a professional bachelor and have stopped going to school.
I have not stopped studying.
I am just studying what I need and like.
It is called self studying.

But stopping going to school, means I want to get married. – In peoples minds.

It is like I am standing on a rooftop and yelling. “I am ready to get married!”
Just because I have stopped going to school.

No, that is not why I stopped going to school.
I stopped so I could focus on my business.

I have X2Nails, which is a toddler.
And I just got X2Writer, which is an infant.

It is not like it is a couple of people who do not understand.
No, no.
It is about 95% people from my family.

Every time I see most of them I have to hear things like…

  • Did you get a job?
  • Are you looking for a job?
  • Just close your business and find a job.
  • You should have a fixed income.
  • And much more…
I get where they are coming from but they do not get me.
Sometimes my mother do not even understand me.
Sometimes she does.

I cannot even blame them because they do not have the same mentality.

They do not understand the concept of building a business from the ground and up.
They think it should be easy.
They think success is supposed to come instantly.
They think normal is good.

Well it does not.
It takes time and a lot of work.

This is one of the many things that drives me.
To make them understand.
To make them realize.

It motivates me to work even harder and prove them wrong.

It is all right, if everyone do not understand you.
Even if nobody does.

Just keep going until you get in goal.
Make a difference.
An impact.

– Hafsa

P.S. Even if you are alone, just keep going and make it.