You might wonder, why I wrote those two scenarios.

If you do not know what I mean, you should read my post:

On both scenarios

You might be single or with someone. It makes a difference.
If you are lucky enough to be with someone who understands you and you are able to talk to, but you are still going down the wrong path, you need to take a step back and figure out, if you keep want to hurt yourself and your loved one.
If you are single, you need someone in your life to tell you to take that step back; otherwise, you are going on hurting yourself.
I will be that person, at this moment.
For both of you.

Breakdown, stress, heart attack and worse

There are many examples that living can be stressful.
Some people, need a job, but cannot get one.
Some people, struggle all their life with money.
Some people have deadly diseases.
Some people, are under so much stress, that they breakdown.
Some people get mental issues.
Some people work so hard, that it becomes the end of them.
We all react differently to different kind of pressure.
And we all have different issues.
That is why it is important to know yourself and your body.
Know your limits.
And don’t cross them.
I do not remember the name, but he is a very successful Danish entrepreneur. My guess is he is in his forties.
He has a pacemaker.
I do not think that needs a comment. You know why one gets a pacemaker.

Cherish life

Life is a fragile thing and it is our job to make sure we make the best of it.
Enjoy yourself.
Enjoy the small wins.
Enjoy your surroundings.
Enjoy the things to come.
Do not run so hard for a while, that you collapse right before reaching your goal.
Lift your foot from the gas pedal and put on the cruise control.
Taking care of your loved once, starts by taking care of yourself.
   Hafsa Farooq
   Freelance copywriter
   Digital Marketing Consultant


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